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About Us

Parallel 45 exists to represent, promote, improve and sustain the Northwest Michigan vineyard and winery industry. Through education and research, P45 provides support in vineyard and winery establishment, operations, and marketing. P45 hosts events throughout the year on many topics relevant to our members’ needs.

Consider joining now. Membership benefits include discounts on events, networking opportunities with other P45 members and access to great information.  Your membership is used to support speakers, wine grape research, mailings and other activities.


Meet the Board

Tony Jacobson - President

One time he was elected president of P45

Wes Mateusiak - Vice President

Twice elected for this position

Maddie (FKA) Vint - Scribe Queen

She's a whiz on the keys

Tessa Belanger - Communication

Can get locked out of gmail better than anyone

Michael Call - Newsletter Board Member

He tells us what's happening

Blake Lougheed - Board Member

Runs the google

Ethan Baker - Board Member

He's got ideas and gives them appropriately

Emily Goodell - Treasurer

She the stoic nonvoting keeper of the purse

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